Empowerment through education

Adult Training Facility

The Adult Training Facility (ATF) at CCATC is a Technical, Vocational, and Educational Training Centre that offers three separate vocational training programs for adults with mild intellectual disabilities. The programs are roughly two to three years in length and when students finish they are equipped with the skills needed to gain employment in woodworking, sewing & crafts, or culinary arts.


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Students in the woodworking program learn how to saw, sand, and construct a vast array of products from wood. The students are instructed on workshop safety and how to properly operate the necessary tools to build high-quality wooden products.


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Students in the sewing and crafts program express themselves through the visual arts while also gaining practical skills. Through various projects, the students gain a wide range of valuable skills as they create jewelry, bags, pillows, and more.


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The culinary arts program teaches students how to conduct themselves professionally in a kitchen environment. The curriculum includes both classroom courses and practical kitchen experiences in which students prepare meals while learning proper sanitation and health standards.

Goods That Give Back

Coaster sets are just one of the many products sold by Hidden Treasures of Challenor

Hidden Treasures of Challenor showcases and sells the goods produced by the Adult Training Facility (ATF) to the public. Profits from these sales go directly into the ATF to buy more materials, so they can continue making high-quality goods.

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Enroll in the Adult Training Facility

To apply for enrollment in the ATF please follow the link to our printable application. When you have completed the application please mail it to:

Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre
"Canefield House"
Canefield St. Thomas BB22006
West Indies


If you have any questions, please call 1.246.438.6862 or email us at thechallenorcentre@gmail.com.