Physical and intellectual care for children in all levels of need.

Challenor School

The Challenor School is more than just an educational institution. To many of its students it is a chance at a new future; an opportunity to reach a level of independence in their lives that was previously impossible.

By offering focused attention from faculty and staff through small class sizes, along with treatments such as physical therapy that would otherwise be unattainable, The Challenor School helps its students overcome and work with their physical and intellectual disabilities.

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The faculty and staff have the students' best interests in mind.

Challenor School is a safe and caring environment for your child

Caring for a child with intellectual and physical disabilities is a full-time job, but many parents cannot afford to stay home during the day to give these children the care they need. The faculty and staff have the students’ best interests in mind and put their care and happiness first. Parents can rest assured that their children are being nurtured and cared for.


Learn about enrolling your child in Challenor School

To apply for enrollment in Challenor School please follow the link to our printable application. When completed, please mail it to:

Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre
"Canefield House"
Canefield St. Thomas BB22006
West Indies


If you have any questions, please call 1.246.438.6862 or email us at